A downloadable game for Windows

The CGA Jam was a good opportunity to prototype something we've thought about making for awhile.  This is a game about growing and cross-breeding orchids.  We're going to keep adding features and content, as this is merely an alpha build.  Admittedly the cross-breeding portion is not implemented yet, but will be soon.

For now, you can see if you can get all the plants to the 3rd and final stage of growth without killing them.

We're hopeful we might get some feedback as to what you like and think could be improved about our greenhouse sim.  We welcome the community's feedback and the chance for a dialog on the game development process.

Built using Gamemaker Studio Pro.

Install instructions

This game should download and be playable by double-clicking the .exe.  I have seen that some versions of windows pop up false-alarms worrying about running a program from an unknown publisher.  It is not in my or my company's interest to give you a virus.  We just want to make games and try to get people to play them.  


Orchid Delirium - Alpha 3 MB